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14KGF... And alotta other BULLSHIT!

Well well, Angela has finally realized what a prick Ben is. It's about damn time, I was starting to miss the old clan... maybe things will eventually work out for us in the end. We've still got September - January, when the clan can be together. Thanks to me, who yes, will be attending GRB for a little longer than expected. But yea, We found some interesting details about that "human" (and I use that term loosely) named Ben. Angela wrote a poem to sum it all up, I figured there would be no better way than post her poem, and then explain to you what she's talking about... the blue is her poem, the white is me explaining it... here it goes...

He came across as God’s gift to girls,
Claimed that he loved me to death.
He promised me necklaces, diamonds, and pearls,
But really 14KGF.

Ben made Angela and I both feel like we were goddess' I guess that was a good part of him, he told Angela that he never loved me, and I never 'had him' like I thought I did. BULLSHIT, Ben was wrapped around my finger, and EVERYONE knew it... He promised Angela and I both a lot, cars, houses, jewelry... Well, Angela noticed her "rare" piece of jewelry that he spent $400 on was actually a 14KGF necklace... I knew what this meant, but I called a jewelry store in Syracuse to make sure, and I was correct... 14K Gold Faux... Faux, as in FAKE... just like him. Ironic, huh?

He said he played football...best in his class,
But an “injury” cut it all short.
What the world saw of him first was his ass,
So don’t even mention a sport.

Ben told me that he played football, and that is what happened to his arm. (for anyone that knows, Ben has a "bad arm") He told me he was a big Football Hero... with a scholarship to Harvard... until the injury. I thought this was a bunch of bullshit from the beginning. Then his family told me... (note: HIS FAMILY) that the reason his arm is bad, is because he was born ass first, instead of headfirst. hmm... The world saw his ass first... Irony again?

He thinks he’s as holy as holy can be,
Cuz he hangs out at night with a priest.
He sinned and he lied to Laura and me,
But it bothered him not at the least.

Ben is really into religion. Hey, that's cool. Except for the fact that he preaches to EVERYONE and hasn't even got his own beliefs straight yet. For example, would any TRUE Catholic you know threaten people with guns and death? Would any Catholic you know lie out of his ass 24/7 to people he CLAIMS he cares about? Would any Catholic you know disown his own family?... Nah, I didn't think so... Ben, you owe God 1,000,000 "Hail Mary's"...

He said he was rich and had a huge home,
I told him that it mattered not.
He wrote me some letters and even a poem,
The same ones that poor Laura got.

Ben sent Angela a house and claimed it was his own. It's funny, because the house he claimed he lived in was the same house he told me that his ex co-worker lived in. Funny, don't you think? Ben really wasn't as smart as Angela and I had thought... Hello, his cousin is my best friend, did he honestly think that we couldn't ask or find out what his house REALLY looks like?.... Ben also spent time surprising Angela and I with self-written poetry. First off, I'll be the first to admit that his poetry sucked ass. Not only was it terrible, but he also sent Angela the same poems he sent me, but just changed the name. Haha. What a great boyfriend. I wonder if he even wrote the poems, or how many females saw those poems before we did...

His poem didn’t rhyme, I hate to be mean,
He’s really not much of a poet.
It’s not only poems that have clever schemes,
Too bad we just didn’t know it.

Wow, it seems like Angela agreed with me. Haha. 'nuff said.

Who is this guy some refer to as Dave?
Can we be sure that he even exists?
Could it be that he’s just a cruel knave,
Ben tries to be when he is pissed?

I have always wondered who "DAVE" is... Ben always claimed to have this great best friend named Dave. But see, what we found ironic is, that everytime we would get in a argument with Ben, he would give up, and say we were right, just like every girls ideal boyfriend, but 10-15 minutes later "Dave" got online to continue the argument. Is Dave really a person? or is Dave really Ben, just trying to win the arguement after all? .... It's amazing how many similarities BEN and DAVE have... including typing, and punctuation. Hmm...

Why does he go with the Bishop for lunch?
And out to the movies as well?
Dunno about you but I have a hunch...
It’s sin that will send them to hell.

Bens best friend is the Bishop. Ben is constantly with him. CONSTANTLY. Whenever Angela fought with Ben, he'd run off with the bishop. Whenever I fought with him, same thing. "Bishop will know what to do"... Angela and I did a little back tracking, and after the numerous dinner and movie dates between Ben and Bishop, we're extremely curious whether this is another act of "sin" between the Church, and little boys... hmm....

Better watch out, he’s got a friend in the mob.
He just might pull out his gun.
But isn’t he just some make believe slob?
That dear Benny talks to for fun?

Ben claims to be "tight" with a mob. He also claimed that he owns numerous guns and weapons that he's threatened Brad and I with. Ben made up, everything. Nothing about his is real. He's sooo fuckin fake, just like Angela’s necklace.. which by the way, we are planning on going to Kay's and find out if my necklace is really platinum, or even really from Kay's. Ben's all talk. All talk, no act. Suck a chode, fuckface.

Could be be true that Ben is insane?
Over a fruit did I croon?
Just what goes on inside that brain
That makes him be such a loon?

People that cared about Angela and I constantly told us that Ben was a psycho. No one believed what he told us, everyone warned us. Yet, we believed him... How incredibly stupid of us, so stupid, our friendship was ruined because of HIM... He was definitely a waste of our 10 months.

I must admit though, he played a good trick,
I thought he spoke nothing but truth.
All he turned out to be is a dick
Who lied to us all through his tooth.

This is pretty self-explanatory. We both fell for his lies, and acts... EVERYTHING was a lie, the necklaces, the words... every fuckin' thing... Well, guess what Ben, You're a piece of shit... we don't need you. Never did. Never will. Chicks before Dicks... and that's EXACTLY what you are.... a DICK. A BIG, FAT, HAIRY, STD INFESTED DICK.

Let it be known that I am not hurt,
He thinks that I’m only a fool.
But I will be brief, I will be curt,
Liars will never be cool.

To sum it all up, Ben is the biggest pathological lair you could ever meet in your entire life.

I had no clue, I really was shocked,
Can’t believe that he is this way.
Stupid me...I was totally mocked,
I looked like an ass everyday.

He completely played us. Everyday was a new lie, a new "joke".... I guess you could say. Angela and I obviously must have looked like asses after that.

He pretty much hates all walks of life,
The Chinese, the Muslims, Dutch too.
He wishes and hope they just weren’t even alive,
Is that something Jesus would do?

He's racist... and he was fuckin' Jewish.... a racist Jew, how common in that? With all respect to Jewish people... Ben is a fucking dumbass jewish dildo. I'll be the first to admit, I haven't been to church in ages, but... last time I knew, Jesus did NOT support racism... This brings me back to proving how much of a "model Catholic" Benjamin Brown truly is.

What I liked most was that he was smart,
He really was not all that cute.
But I realize now he hasn’t a heart,
He’s just your typical brute.

Yea, I'll admit that Ben was smart. Unfortunately, he lacks common sense. Like, buying jewelry for a female, and claiming it is worth hundreds when honestly its gold faux... probably from his favorite store (that he called Angela and I from frequently)... Wal-Mart.

I’ve known of some hypocrites, liars, and whores,
He’s second to none said above.
Old St. Peter should shut the pearl doors,
When he hears Ben professed this false love.

It's true, outta all the people I have known and grown to dislike, Ben is definitely one of the top 3 people. Privilege huh? He told Angela and I that he loved us both, but took it back after. Hilarious. Simply amazing. Fuckin' piece of shit.

One thing he should know from all of this mess:
This is a game he simply can’t win.
Just because he was able to beat me in chess,
Don’t mean he’ll defeat me again.

Games over, Ben. You lose. The clan is slowly become tight again, and no one, including YOU, will EVER fuck our friendships up again. Rot in hell, you deficient casualty of your own unremitting mendacity…

A Message To Ben…
Because I know you will read this…

Well, well, well… I guess you’ve gone and fucked up again… I can’t believe some of the shit you lied to Angela and I about. I never “had” you? Bullshit asshole, you were wrapped around my pinky finger, and you fuckin’ know it. You’re NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. A waste of time, if that. What’s with this very rare necklace that you bought Angela? Yea, that really expensive one that says 14KGF on the back… FAUX… fake… just like you. You’re a moron, you really are… Did you think that a FEMALE couldn’t tell that jewelry was fake? The ten months Angela and I combined spent with you was worthless. Again, worthless like you. Hopefully now Angela realizes who truly cares about her, and who truly just wants to use her as a toy. Grow the fuck up. I also heard that you belittled Brad for working at a restaurant. Are you a fuckin’ moron? He makes a hell of a lot more than you do. Go out and get yourself a fuckin’ job before you complain about someone else’s job, dumbass. You’re unhuman. A waste, that’s ALL you are. Stay the fuck away from Angela and I. You’re nothing to us now. You no longer exist. And you might as well do us another favor, delete us from your memory too. We’re FAR too good for you. Rot in hell.
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