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The Stiffmister...

Brad was able to make it back out to Fulton last night. As soon as he got here, we headed straight to Oswego so we could grab something to eat at "The Loop", and then head over to the Oswego Movie theater to see American Wedding. Our first stop was "The Loop". It was sprinkling a little bit when we got there, but after we ordered it started storming bad. Since it was so bad, no one wanted to go outside to their cars to eat, all the tables and chairs were taken, so Brad and I ended up putting our tray of food on top of the garbage can, and eating standing up... The storm was really bad for a few minutes, Brad and I went outside for 2 minutes, and ended up soaked. There was also a really bright flash of lightning which seemed to be a few feet away, and then the thunder was extremely loud, it knocked out the power for a second, but it didn't stay out. As soon as the rain calmed down, Brad and I went to the car, and headed over to Bev's Ice Cream Shop to get some ice cream! MmmmMm... hehe. Anyway, we headed over to the theater to catch American Wedding at 7:40pm. American Wedding was great. I think it is my favorite of the three so far. You all should go see it. During the movie, Bobby called Brad's cell phone. Awh, I miss him. He's away on vacation, and his computer is broke anyway. I haven’t talked to him in quite awhile, so when we got back home, I called him while Brad was in the shower. We talked for quite awhile. After I got off the phone with Bobby, I hopped in the shower, and soon after, Brad and I crawled into bed to catch some Zzz's. We woke up bright and early this morning. I had school... I can't wait until this school bullshit is over with! January couldn't possibly come any quicker. Brad got me up, he's always the first one up, and we headed over to the Education Center. As soon as I left for school, Brad headed back to my house to rest for 2.5 hours, while I was at school. At 10am, Brad picked me up from the Ed Center. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get a bite to eat for breakfast. As soon as we got back to my house, we both were ready to crash. We took a nap, until about noon, when my living room got way too hot for either of us to stand it anymore. When we woke up, we crawled onto the floor to cuddle until 1pm. At 1pm, we turned on Unsolved Mysteries. You all know I can't miss that show. We watched it together, it wasn't one of the good ones, so we just cuddled and watched. Brad had to leave at 2:30pm, to head back to Syracuse for work, so we spent from 2pm-2:30pm playing around. Just our usual tickling and kissing. He's adorable... it's only been 2.5 hours since he left, and I miss him like I haven't seen him in weeks.

I was bored and playing online with horoscopes and stuff, and I ran into this, it’s quite lengthy, so I highlighted important parts. Or stuff that just caused me to go “wow”. Pretty weird stuff… enjoy! ...

Relationship Potential for Laura and Brad

Birth Data for Laura: Laura, March 1, 1985, Syracuse, NY
Birth Data for Brad: Brad, January 21, 1985, Syracuse, NY

SECTION I: How Laura Relates to Other People

Yours was not a happy childhood and, while there is nothing you want more than a close love relationship, you may also fear it. You probably have an active sex life but may have some discomfort acknowledging feelings of love, dependence or vulnerability.

Brilliant and original as you are, you can also be difficult and unpredictable. Close ties may complain they never know when you are going to show up or what you're planning next. You are easily bored and love people who can both stimulate and surprise you.

There is nothing humdrum about the way that you love. You have a flair for the unusual and the creative and are drawn to those who shun the conventional. You shy away from those who tend to be over-possessive. Your love affairs are also wonderful friendships.

Details are not your cup of tea. You are fascinated by philosophy and the world of ideas. You are a great talker and reader and your best companions will be those who share your concepts and ideals. You prefer professional people with a certain flair.

You're not awfully good at being disagreed with. You delve into matters, think them through thoroughly and expect your conclusions to be universally shared. Flexibility is not your strong suit. No one should try to lie to you or keep things from you. Somehow you ferret out others' secrets although you keep your own.

SECTION II: How Brad Relates to Other People

Yours was not a happy childhood and, while there is nothing you want more than a close love relationship, you may also fear it. You probably have an active sex life but may have some discomfort acknowledging feelings of love, dependence or vulnerability.

You need to be close and you need to be free. This is a major life conflict which has always created complications for you in close personal relationships. One manifestation of this may be a tendency to pursue the unavailable or the unreliable.

You are restless and independent and, no matter how close you become to someone, you always remain your own person and there is a part of yourself you cannot share. You are uncompromisingly true to your convictions which must be shared by those close to you.

Power struggles plague your relationships. Either you become the dominant partner out of a fear of being controlled or you become very passive, controlling indirectly through guilt or manipulation. Your father may have been emotionally abusive to you.

You are creative and charming. You speak well, live well and are fond of people who have taste, wit, good manners and share your aesthetic interests. Your emotional ties must also be on your intellectual level or your interest will soon begin to wane.

Part 1: Planets and Aspects

Your relationship may not be so much an emotional relationship as it is an intellectual one. Yours is perhaps a relationship where you can exchange thoughts and ideas, study, research, spend hours in conversation and enjoy mental stimulation rather than physical. For you, sex takes place mentally rather than physically. Rather than having an emotional rapport, you may be more detached and logical in your relationship.
Your conversations will be excellent and since you have so much in common, you probably think the same ways about life in general. You will have no trouble understanding what the other person is talking about. There are very meaningful discussions indicated here and should you be involved in creative or business ventures together, then this aspect is an added boost for the conception of new ideas.
You can feel very close to each other with this aspect, without feeling vulnerable, and doing your "own thing" will be a prerequisite for the two of you. Trips and travel, whether local or long distance, are also part of this aspect. Sitting still may be difficult for you both.

Sun Semisquare Mars

3.At the very least you excite each other and arouse very strong energies within your partner and you will have to learn how to handle passion, anger and conflict in positive and creative ways. You will find that when you are together that you can be extremely competitive, anxious, boisterous, and energetic. If you are looking for a relationship that is quiet and calm, then you have the WRONG relationship here. But if you harness all of this energy to create something, then you can make wonders happen together. The desire to win, to compete, to excel, to make war instead of peace, to encourage each other to succeed and to be courageous exist in this truly dynamic aspect. Remember, however, that because these energies are so aggressive and irritating, they must be channeled constructively or very negative results will occur. If you allow the negatives to operate, then the question is, "Which one of you will be the bigger bully to the other?". This combination demands activity and accomplishment and that should be the underlying element in your relationship. Because this aspect also generates a great deal of heat, the sexual, lustful and communicative levels will all be quite intense as well.
There is a great deal of self-confidence generated here, so try not to force issues beyond a workable level. Games of competition, physical exertion and sports are an excellent way to use this tremendous energy. As with other intense energies, you must be careful how you use this energy so you do not hurt other people around you. Because this aspect is so impulsive, you should be careful that the aggressive nature of this energy does not turn into anger and that you do not resort to physical abuse or injury to settle your differences.

Brad's Sun Conjunct Laura's Jupiter

There is a tremendous amount of good will, optimism, and enthusiasm in your relationship. Laura draws out Brad's optimism and self-confidence and is able to assist Brad in discovering new possibilities and avenues for growth. A shared vision, philosophy, or goal for the future gives vitality to your relationship.

Brad's Sun Square Laura's Pluto

Your relationship is intense and complex. You engage in deep, intense discussions and encounters that unveil your innermost thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes, fears, and ambitions. This is not a superficial relationship! You are very uninhibited with each other, and you open up to each other more readily than to others. You have a profound influence upon one another, for good or ill.

Pretty freaky, huh? I guess that’s all for now.

Until next time, L.


August 12th is Laura’s last day of Summer School, woo-hoo! … K-Rockathon is August 16th 2003, 12 more days! … August 16th is also Laura and Brad’s 4 Month Anniversary! Awhhh, How cute! … August 20th Brad is moving into the Syracuse University dorms, Laura’s decorating his room! woo-hoo! Congrat‘s to my very own sexy Syracuse Orangeman! … That’s all “the news” for now… Stay tuned until next time! *wink!* -Laura
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