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Goodnight Kisses...

its how i can listen to his voice all night and never get tired
its how just thinking about him makes me smile
and its how there is no one else in this entire world that i would rather be with
hes my everything...

I thought that was beautiful when I read it, it reminds me so much of my man...

Wednesday night, I was feeling a little down. So Brad, being the best boyfriend in the world drove all the way back out to Fulton, just so he could sleep next to me. I spent all day Wednesday while he was working, making him a laundry bag for college. How incredibly adorable am I? haha... I also made him Dinner the other day. I went to the store to get everything I needed to make it just the way he likes it... Angel hair spaghetti, Ragu meat or traditional spaghetti sauce, with italian bread, and meatballs. I even surprised him with a lemon meringue pie, his favorite. I was completely amazed when he was so appreciative of those things that I did for him. Wow. No one really has ever thanked me for doing stuff like that for them. It made me feel great. Someone actually thanked me. Haha. Anyway, Wednesday, we curled up on the floor, and soon decided that sleeping on the floor wasn't fun. We opened up the couch bed and curled up there, and soon fell asleep holding eachother. My alarm clock went off at 6am Thursday morning, it was time for school, woo-hoo. We got up, got ready, and went over to the Ed Center, where Brad waited with me until I had to go. Normally I wouldn't write about school, but Thursday really pissed me off. I got to school, and my teacher was like "we have a choice today, do you guys wanna work, or watch a movie?" obviously, everyone voted on the movie. Normally we would watch a movie that has to do with what we're reading or whatever. But no, he pulls "Tommy Boy" off of his desk and pops it in the VCR... *long blank stare* I don't really know if I am pissed or not, I mean, yea, a movie... but, c'mon I got up at 6am, got on a ugly cheesebox for a 30+ minute drive to school, to watch "Tommy Boy"?! It was definately a waste of a good morning of sleep. Anyway, Brad had to go back to Syracuse Thursday morning, because he had a work meeting at The MoST*. As soon as the meeting was over, he headed back out to Fulton to pick me up, he arrived around 12:30pm. We hopped into his car and headed over to the Fulton courthouse, so Brad could pick up some papers to get his speeding ticket reduced. After that, Brad was hungry, so we stopped at Arby's. Steve was just getting outta work, so I got to say Hi, and give him a hug. After we went to Arby's, we headed over to K-Mart, to pick up afew things for colleg for Brad. He ended up getting quite afew hygiene products, like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. We also picked up afew other things, like a cute small little stapler, and a dry-erase board. We left K-Mart and headed to Great Northern to pick up some food for Star at the pet store. After that, we went to Brad's house and chilled there for a few hours. We eventually called up Ryan, and we all decided to goto Carousel Mall for awhile to chill. After spending an hour looking for a parking spot (ok, it wasn't an hour, but it seemed like it)! We went into the mall, and I was like "guys, I gotta pee"... Brad and I headed to the bathroom and Ryan headed to PacSun to find out some details, I guess. (By the way, everyone say congrats to Ryan! He got the job at Pacific Sunwear!) Anyway, when I came out these two girls walked past me laughing their asses off, and one goes "Haha, SORRY!" I'm like ooooooook... So I walk up to Brad, and I'm like, "Did I miss something?" and he told me that one of the girls asked him for her number, and she was practically begging him for it, even after he told her that he wasn't going to give it to her, and that his GIRLFRIEND was in the bathroom. So I was like "Let me go talk to her..." and I started walking back towards the bathroom, and Brad grabbed my arm. He then told me that she was young. Grr, lucky bitch... I definately would have went back in there if he said she was over 16. He's M-I-N-E! No one elses. Brad and Ryan wanted to goto Hooters, because it used to be an old Brad and Ryan tradition, but, lately they haven't had the time to do it. I was a little "ify" about going in there at first. Personally, the site of ass cheeks and tits hanging outta shorts and shirts while I'm trying to eat makes me wanna vommit. But, I didn't wanna piss the guys off, so I went for it. It really wasn't bad. I just found it pretty humorous that the first 3-4 waitresses I saw had all been recent graduates from my high school. So, THAT is where they all go. Haha. We got some food, Ryan had a burger and a soda, while Brad and I each had a soda, and split an order of cheese fries. Sometime, after Ryan managed to throw a wadded up straw wrapper down my shirt, we started talking about me getting a job at Hooters. LoL, that's funny, huh? It would be pretty nice working there, flaunting my tits to get a nice big tip. Haha. I guess I have about 2 years to think about it. We also started joking about what would happen if I was a waitress there, and Brad was a cook. I definately would see it like that scene in Coyote Ugly, you know, when her boyfriend comes into the bar, and sees a guy all over her, then he ends up with a broken nose? Haha. My man is protective, I love it. We were all gonna go see a movie together, but decided against it, since Ryan had to be home at 9pm. Ryan took us back to Brad's house, where Brad and I chilled for another hour or so before heading back to my house. We got to my house around 11pm. Brad was already really sleepy, so we curled up on the bed and shortly after. We kissed eachother goodnight, said our "I love you's" and went to sleep. Friday morning, Brad had to be home kinda early because he had to pay someone some money that he owed. Saturday night after work, Brad headed back out to Fulton, again, just to sleep next to me... Isn't he incredibly cute? We ended up going to Dunkin Donuts to get something to munch on, because brad hadnt had anything to eat all day. Then we came back to my house curled up said I love you.. and went to sleep. I woke up, with Brad next to me, all dressed and ready to go. He had to get back home so he could get ready to goto work by 11am. I got up with him and said bye for now... bye, hopefully until 5-6pm tonight... heh. Hopefully, Brad can make it out here tonight, and we're gonna go see American Wedding. I miss him already, and can't wait until later.

Baby, You're so amazing, I love you sooo much! =)


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