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OmG, I didn't suck @ pool! =)

Sunday, Brad came over around 10:30am. Of course, since I rearranged my entire room, I couldn't find any frickin' clothes. I threw my shirt in the washer, that I orignially planned on wearing... and curled up with Brad on my bed. After my clothes were done, I realized that I grabbed the wrong khaki's, and couldn't find the ones I wanted to wear. Honestly, I was getting pissed off beyond belief. It might look like I have a shitload of clothes, but I don't... grrrr. Anyways, eventually I was able to throw on some clothes, and we headed to Trisha's Graduation Party. We got there, and afew people were there, including Rachel. (Someone from Brad's past). I was also introduced to Ali, who claims I met him before at Brad's prom, but honestly, there isn't much at all I remember about the people I met at his prom, besides Trisha. Brad and Ali went into the bar to play pool, I followed, I really didn't wanna leave Brad's side, I missed him soo much after not seeing him for afew days, but I didn't really know anyone. I watched Brad and Ali play pool. I actually had a pretty good time watching them. Awhile passed, and everyone left the party, except Trisha's family, and of course, Brad, Ali and I. Trisha's friend Amanda was waiting for her ride, when Trisha asked if I wanted to play pool. I really wasn't planning on it, because last time I played with Brad, I sucked horribly and I really didn't wanna make an ass outta myself. But, Trisha asked me to play with Brad, against her and Amanda. I was shocked when I actually didn't suck. Haha. I literally have no idea where that came from, but for a total 3 minutes, I was good at pool. Amanda's ride came though, and as we all walked away from the table, this lil kid took over. Oh well. Brad and I played afew games later against Trisha and Ali. They won. Haha. Brad and I might actually goto the Cue Club place Thursday night to play alittle pool. Hopefully, I wont suck again! After Trisha's party we headed back to my house. Brad watched alittle TV while I cleaned my room up alittle more. At 7:30pm, Terminator 2 was on TV, so he made me watch bits and pieces of it with him. Around 8pm, my dad asked him if he could follow him to someone's house to drop off a car, and give him a ride back. Grrr, I really hate when my dad does that, sometimes he's gone for hours... I honestly was in shock when my dad and Brad returned back only 15 minutes later. My Dad is lucky, because if he interferred too much with my "Brad Time", I would have killed him. It was starting to get late, and I forgot how it came up, but, I decided to ask my parents if Brad could stay for the night... They said they didn't care, so Brad called him parents, and they didn't care either! Woo Hoo, our first night cuddled in my satin bedding! Haha. Brad and I cuddled in bed, and watched "Fast and The Furious", then we laid down, talking about anything and everything. I slept really comfortably Sunday night, when my alarm clock went off at 6am the next morning for school, I reset it for 6:15am. But, another 15 minutes cuddled up with my baby still wasn't enough, at 6:15am, I reset it again for 6:30am. Of course, at 6:30am, I had to get up... Grrrr. So Brad and I both got dressed, and he drove me over to school around 6:45am. We sat in his car and talked until my bus came to bring me to summer school... icky. I kissed him "bye for now"... and then again. He's just so incredible, I sleep so well when I'm next to him. Later that day, he told me he had a dream about us getting married. I'm hoping and definately wishing that someday that that dream comes true...

My mom is currently at Crouse Hospital, because of a broken left femur, So, since I planned on going to the hospital (which in in Syracuse) to see her today, I thought if Brad didn't have plans already with Ryan, that we could do something today too. On the way to the hospital, Brad walked me through how to get to his house, I probably should know by now... But I really suck with directions... Long story short, eventually, we got there. lol. From Brad's we headed over to Crouse Hospital to visit my mom. She didn't really look like she was in much pain, however, I am sure that she was. She got pretty emotional, but hey, what can you expect, no one likes chillin' in a hospial. We stayed at the hospital til about 2:30pm, and then headed over to Carousel Mall. We went to see "28 Days Later..." OmG, that was by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. British people definately suck at life. Gawd Damn! After the movie, Brad and I walked around for a bit, then Ryan called Brad's celly to see what we were up to. Ryan ended up meeting us at Carousel to hang out alittle bit. Brad and Ryan ended up talking about South Park. What dorks, lol, you both know I love ya's though! Anyway, Brad and I left at 7:30pm, and ended up going to The Spaghetti Warehouse with my grandparents. Definately fun times. After that, we dropped Brad back off at his house, and headed back to Fulton. Yep, that was my day... Simply amazing with him...

I am planning a pretty interesting entry tomorrow. I think you all will be pretty interested in reading it.

As for an entry about spending a day or two with my man, check Friday night! We'll be spending Thursday/Friday together, hopefully!

Until Then, L.


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