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Summer School is a Bitch!

Yep, summer school is a bitch. I have to get up at 5:30am four times a week, to goto a school that is a good 25-30 minutes away, to sit there for 2 hours, in a class where I do practically nothing, get back on a smelly ol' cheesebox (aka, a bus) for another 25-30 minutes to come back home. It's a bitch. This is all bullshit, but hey... live and learn. I'm not giving up...

Normally, I would write a novel the size of Huck Finn about a day I spent with my baby, but today, I'm not going to do that. It's already going on 11:00pm, and I have the lovely privlage of having to get up at 5:30am... So, to those of you who always ask for the "readers digest version" of my amazing days spent with Brad... this one is for you...

Brad came over around noon. Of course, I was very excited to see him, but throughout the entire day, I kept thinking "after tonight, I probably wont see him for over a week..." That really depresses me, but I TRY to remind myself constantly, that soon, we'll be living together, and we wont go weeks without seeing eachother. Brad and I ended up sitting in the livingroom with my sister to watch alittle TV. I also asked my sister to cut my hair, but of course, I get the same response everytime I ask... "I'll do it tomorrow..." I eventually got pissed and gave up on begging her, and laid down on Brad's chest. The next thing I know, I hear my step mom saying "she can't sleep, wake her up!" argh. Gawd Damn, is it a fuckin' crime to take a nap after having to get up at 5:30 in the frickin' morning? But yea, I sat up, and realized that both Brad and I dozed off for about 15-20 minutes. (nice nap, huh?) I was really pissed off about my hair, because it was WAY too long for summer. Brad offered to call his cousin Amanda, to see if she would do it... but honestly, I didn't wanna have to go all the way to Syracuse and back, nor did I wanna have Brad drive me all the way there and back, then back to the 'cuse later. We checked movie times, because earlier we had decided we were going to see Terminator 3 like we planned on the other night. I decided that I was just going to get my hair cut at Crowning Glory, but first I had to stop at my mom's house to borrow money. I knew I wouldn't get any from home. We headed over to my mom's house, and she gave me $25 to get my hair cut (thanks again mommy!) Brad then drove me over to Crowning Glory to get my hair chopped off. When I was done, we still had quite a bit of time before the movie, so we headed back to my house for a few then quickly headed to Oswego to go see "T3". It was an alright movie. I was alittle lost, but I think I understood most of it. I definately have to admit that Arnold has a nice bod for an old guy! *wink*. During the movie, I got really cold, Brad took off his shirt, and gave it to me to put over my arms... leaving him in his beater. What a sweetheart. He's such a nice guy. I love him to pieces. After the movie we went back to my house, then decided we were going to get something to eat. Of course, neither Brad or I could decided where or what we wanted to it. After trying many different methods, which all failed, we decided to goto Pizza Hut. Of course, we got our pepperoni and sausage pizza, but this time it was a pan pizza, because neither of us were really hungry enough to get a stuffed crust pizza. After Pizza, we headed over to Sweet's too look at the cars, we were alittle late though, it's ok, next time. We headed back to my house, and spent until 10:15pm in my room talking, playing around, and cuddling. Brad wanted to get home kinda early, since I have to get up early, and he's gotta be at work by 11am. We went outside, and Brad had me put some contact cleaning stuff in his eyes, cause his contacts were starting to bug him... Sooo, I did... we kissed after times... then I got outta the car and went to the drivers side and prepared myself to say "bye 4 now". tough times, we were spoiled so much recently, it's hard to believe that I wont see him for over a week now... I literally felt like I wanted to cry. He told me not to, so I held it in... We kissed afew times... hugged... held hands... finally kissed one more time, and said 'bye'........... I miss him already. =(

I can't wait until next time I see him, each day is something new. Baby, We definately make every minute count. I love you so much... and I'm counting down the seconds until I get to see/kiss you again.

Until then, L.
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