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5 Days... 4 Nights... Definately Spoiled!

I began another one of my novel-long entries with this... The week of June 30th through July 7th has definately been the best week of my summer (maybe even my entire life!) thus far...

My week didn't really become "amazing" until Thursday, and I am sure, all of you have probably guessed, yes, Thursday was spent with my man. He picked me up from my mom's house around noon, and we headed to da 'cuse. Before heading over to Brad's hizzay, we made a quick stop at the store. Much of the day was spent in Brad's room. At 1pm, it was time to turn on the TV, and watch my show, "Unsolved Mysteries"... When I turned on the TV, and noticed that my show was not on, I was pretty pissed off... Brad happened to be in the bathroom brushing his teeth, so I went into the bathroom with him to pout. I hate when they reschedule shows, I mean... gawd damn. I just got outta school, I'm home from 1pm-2pm, and now I can actually watch "my show" and what do they do?! THEY RESCHEDULE IT!!! ... Fuckers. Luckily, Brad was there to calm me down before I went Ti-Kwon-Do on those dumbasses. Brad and I had originally planned on going to see Terminator 3 Thursday evening. Earlier Thursday, we were channel surfing and happened to run into Terminator 2. Now, Don't anyone faint, but I have never seen any of the Terminator movies... So, Brad had me watch the end of Terminator 2, so I would kind of understand Terminator 3. I laid on Brad's nice comfy waterbed watching Terminator 2 while he went to pick his mom up. His mom ended up getting a ride with someone else, and Brad went out for no reason. My poor baby. It's ok though, he didn't seem too upset about it. We cuddled for the remainder of the day/evening. Brad's family had taken the car, and by the time they got back, it was too late to see Terminator 3. Brad was upset about that, he really wanted to go see it. We left Brad's house around 10:30pm, and made it back to F-Town by 11pm. I was very excited, because Brad was spending the night at my mom's house. We quickly made a nice "bed" on my livingroom floor, hoping it would be cool. Brad had finally convinced me to watch that scary clown movie, "IT"... But, Afew days earlier, Ryan had watched it and forgot to put it back into the case. Brad was alittle pissed off when he opened the case, and realized "IT" wasn't in there. We then watched Coyote Ugly and spent the next few hours again, cuddling and talking. We eventually ended up falling asleep in each others arms around 4am.

Friday, July 4th definately came in with a bang. No sickos, There were no early morning "fireworks"... Get your dirty minds outta the gutter. Waking up with Brad next to me is always a "bang". It's like, "wow, damn... the person that makes each day worth living is laying next to me..." It's soo much easier to wake up when he is around. I just can't wait to see what the day has "in store". Brad is definately full of surprises. I woke up sometime between 9-10am. Brad was still dozed off, and after I woke him up (just by moving), he told me that he was awake earlier that morning. We woke up and laid around for awhile. Brad called his family to make sure it was alright if he went with me to a family get-together for the 4th of July. They told him that it was alright... and soon after, we headed over to my Aunt's house for the party. I introduced Brad to the (very few) family members that were there. I also warned Brad that it will take him a lifetime to get the males in my family straight. Let's see, Mom's side, there's Gary, Gary, Terry, Tommy, Rick, and Dick... Dad's side, there's Grandpa Paul, Uncle Paul, Paul Robert, and Paul Robert Jr.... What the hell was my family thinking when they named their children?! Anyway, he met afew of my family members, and we hung out and chatted for afew hours, before my grandpa and I had to bring Brad back to my mom's house so he could grab his car, and goto work. While we were there, Ryan called and asked Brad for directions to F-Town, and such. Ryan decided to goto a 4th of July party that my sister, and a friend were putting on later that night. I had planned on going for a little bit, but I wasn't sure. Brad and I kissed eachother "bye for now" and Brad drove one way, and we drove the other. I was upset. I just hate when he leaves. I returned to the party, and spent the remaining hours of the day moping around missing (what everyone calls) "my other half". I jumped in the pool at my aunts for awhile, while I was bored and completely alone, I decided that I would goto this "party" for a little while, until Brad got home from work. Around 9pm, I stopped over to the party, Hollie told me that it was the white house on the corner of 4th street and Cayuga... (Hollie has these spurts of complete and utter stupidness... 3 of the fuckin' 4 houses on the corner of 4th St. and Cayuga are white!)... Anyway, no one was there yet. I waited and then Ryan called my cell phone and asked where it was. He drove over and got outta the car and came up to me. Soon after, Bobbie-Jo, Sarah and Hollie showed up. We went inside the house (yea, ONE of those THREE white houses on the corner of Cayuga and 4th..) and just chilled for awhile. Eventually Mark showed up... We didn't want him there, so we tried playing like no one was going to come so we were just going to crash there for the night, but it didn't work out as planned... He ended up sticking around until people showed up. I spent most of the time at the party chatting with (mostly) Ryan and Bobbie-Jo. When people started showing up, Ryan became pretty popular, he's now known to the "Fulton Crew" as "Fowler"... Thank gawd they don't refer to Brad and "Fowler"... Anyway. Ryan started drinking, I wasn't too worried at first, because I was told that afew beers wouldn't hurt him, eventually.. he started drinking more and more... soo, I gave up trying to stop him. I really didn't need to get him pissed off at me. I think he did, eventually oh well, what can I say... I'll admit it, I was scared and worried. I didn't exactly want to see my boyfriends "bro" keel over, or in any pain for that matter. I tried, that's all I could do. I eventually started getting upset. Not at Ryan, I was worried about him, but other people at this party ended up "making me upset"... pretty much disgusted. I don't even know if that's the word for it. Anyway, I called Brad and asked him if he wanted to come out again... IF it was alright with his step-dad. Brad asked, and it was a go... I had to call my grandpa and make sure it was alright for him to spend the night, AGAIN at my house... and it was. I was estactic... 2 nights in a row with my man, but I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I had to tell Brad what was going on with Ryan... You all know how males are... When they're scared/worried they get very pissy, and that is exactly what happened. When Brad showed up at the party, and Ryan and him finally came close enough to speak, Brad was bitter towards Ryan. I guess I'm not taking sides on this one, I can understand that Ryan wanted to have "fun"... Yet, I do not blame Brad for being upset with him at all. Shortly after Brad arrived, Steve showed up. Bobbie-Jo, Steve, Brad and I spent quite some time talking about afew things. I ended up getting upset, and Brad was alittle upset about Ryan too, so we ended up saying goodbye to everyone around 1:15am. Brad was nice enough to bring Jerrod home (who had been drinking), and then we headed back to my house. Both of us were upset. Both of us had different reasons to be. I was upset at someone very close to me, and he was upset at his "bro". When we returned to my house, Brad asked if I had any peanut butter and jelly so he could make himself a sandwich after his long day at work. I got him what he needed and realized that the jelly was almost gone. I searched the entire house 3 times to see if I could find another jar of jelly. But, I couldn't. Eventually my grandpa came out and asked what we were doing, and he opened the fridge and pulled out another jar of jelly. Gawd damn, I am so blind. I can't believe I didn't see it... DUHHHHHHHHH... we then returned to the livingroom. It was pretty hot the night before, so Brad and I decided that we would attempt to patch up holes the lovely squirrels had put in my sliding glass door screen, so we could open the glass part of the door, and leave the screen shut. We sat together patching holes in the screen, and complaining about things that were bugging us. I found this funny, but as we're sitting here patching holes and complaining.. I couldn't help thing that talking to Brad about what I am upset about is like "patching holes"... I know that sounds goofy, but you all know what I mean. I quickly took a shower.. and curled up on the floor next to my man. He was upset, and sleepy. So, I kissed him goodnight, told him I love him, and rubbed his back until he fell asleep...

Brad had to be up really early the next morning, because his cousin, Christi was getting married, and he still had to drive all the way back to Syracuse and get ready. The alarm clocks (yes, plural) woke us up around 7:00am. Brad got up and ready in afew minutes. I kissed him "bye 4 now" again, and he was on his way back to da 'cuse for a wedding. I didn't want to say anything at the time, but I couldn't help but think about my wedding, and hoping that it will be his wedding too. The rest of my day isn't worth talking about. Again, my other 1/2 was missing. I lounged around and did nothing. I watched "Get Over It" and Brad called me every-hour-or-so to see how I was doing. As selfish as it may be, I couldn't wait until the wedding and reception was over, because I knew that when it was over, Brad would be heading back to my house again, for (don't faint) our THIRD straight night together. Around 7:30pm, Brad showed up at my house. We spent the first hour or so chatting online with Ryan, trying to work out the arguement from the other night. We decided shortly after to stop at Arby's to get a bite to eat. We came home, did the shower thing, and Brad FINALLY convinced me to watch "IT". I hate clowns, I REALLY do... this time, Brad made sure that the DVD was in it's case. We watched probably 1/4 of the first half, and Brad kept dozing off. Not good at all... I definately didn't wanna see some damn psycho clown ALONE... So, I turned off the DVD and we both laid down and fell asleep, our third night together, holding eachother... I cant remember exactly when, but sometime during this day, Brad told me that while he was at his cousins wedding, he couldn't help but think of me. It was incredibly sweet to know that all the love songs playing reminded him of me, and that he was thinking about me, while he was at a wedding... Trust me, I am hoping and praying with all that I am that he is "the one" I am meant to be with for the rest of my life... There really couldn't be a more perfect couple than Brad and I.

The next morning our alarm clocks went off at 7:30am... We had to be back to Syracuse by 9am, because I was invited to go with Brad and his family to a 'get-together'... sorta a small "going away on their honeymoon" party for Brad's cousin, and her new-husband, and it was also a time where I would get to meet quite afew of Brad's family members that I've heard a ton about, but haven't met yet. We headed back to Brad's house to meet up with his family. We found out that the party didn't start until noon. Brad and I hung out for awhile in his room until the time came to leave. Unfortunately, we weren't really ready to leave when it was time. We went over to Brad's aunts house and I met quite afew people that Brad had mentioned in the past. Brad's family isn't half as complicated at mine to remember, but I still dont think I've got his aunts straight, I'll get em all eventually. haha. His whole family is super nice. I think, if I counted right, I've gotten 7 hugs from people in Brad's family... His mom, his Aunt Mary, his Aunt Judy, his Aunt Debbie, his cousin Amanda, his great Aunt Liz, and his Uncle John. Phew. I think that's about right. The party was really nice, but Brad and I decided to go for a walk to the park, to be alone, and talk. We spent a good amount of time talking at the park. It was nice. We returned to the party for a short period of time, and then Brad's step da brought us back to Brad's house. It was getting way too hot out. Brad and I ended up watching part of Willy Wonka, and played Brad's newest obbsession... Kings of Chaos. We kept ourselves occupied until Brad's parents returned. Soon after, Brad and I hopped into the car, and headed back to F-Town. When we got back, Brad and I decided to goto Subway for dinner. I really wanted to goto the subway near my dads house, but when we got over there, it was closed... SOOO we drove alllllll the way back over to the other side of F-Town and went to that Subway. Since it's located in a gas station, Brad and I decided to get a soda there, instead of a fountian drink at Subway. While I was taking my Mountian Dew outta the fridge thing... the despenser that they're in bit me! Fuckin' thing. It hurt like a mofo. Brad kisses it though, and it felt all better! We went back to my house, ate, and watched the rest of Willy Wonka. After, Brad hopped into the shower, and shortly after, we both laid down in "bed".. mmm... our FOURTH straight night together. We decided to TRY to watch alittle more of "IT"... We made it through the first half, and at midnight, decided to lay down and goto bed. I was restless though, I had alot of things going on in my mind. Mostly things that Brad only knows about. Things like school, friends, the certian close person that pissed me off at the 4th of July party, so-on-and-so-forth... I tend to do that to myself alot... I hold everything in until one tiny lil thing sets me off. It's bad, I know, but thats how I am. I couldn't lay still.. and laying there thinking really upset me, I started getting teary-eyed, and sniffly. I honestly didn't want to disturb Brad. I rolled away from him so he could get to sleep. He asked me what was up afew times, but I didn't want him to worry, so of course, I said nothing. Eventually I just completely broke down and started crying... Brad sat up, and held me for alittle... I felt alot better just talking to him. He told me he was scared when I rolled away from him and wouldn't talk to him, he thought he did something wrong.. He could never do anything to upset me... he's just so perfect for me in so many ways it's amazing. After I calmed down, and assured Brad that he didnt do anything wrong, and I still loved him more than anything in the entire world... We laid down, and fell asleep, for our FOURTH night together... simply amazing.

Summer school... what a fuckin' blast. Our alarms clocks went of at 5:45am. I HATE getting up early, gawd damn *mumbles under breathe*... I can't stand it! But, I gotta do it. Brad helped me get up... He's great at waking me up. Not many people can live through a morning of waking me up. I've been known to make people bleed that have the balls to TRY to wake me up... Ask my sister's dog, Tao, who occasionally decides to jump on me while I am asleep... You either bleed, or fly head first across the room into the TV. Let's just put it this way, I am NOT a morning person. I got up, hopped in the shower, and got ready for my lovely first day of hell--ahh! I mean, summer school. As I was getting ready, I had Brad write me alittle something inside my notebook for when I get bored/PO'ed at school, I didn't have time to read it before I left though. Brad and I quickly said our byes. I guess when I HAVE to leave him for awhile, it's easier than just having time run out. We didn't get to spend our normal 20-30 minutes saying bye... But, It was still hard. After 5 days, and 4 nights with him... Now, I am not sure if I will be able to see him tomorrow, or if I wont see him for another week and a half. I hate not knowing... I hate not being with him 24/7. He went towards Syracuse, and I went towards the High School. It was tough... I remembered that I had him write a quick note in my notebook before we left, for those "tough times". So I decided I would open it and read it... it says "Laura, This is nothing you haven't heard before or nothing you don't already know. You know you mean the world to me. I love you more than I love my own family or have ever loved another individual. Thank to random chance we came together and now I am the happiest I have EVER been and I believe you are really happy too. Each day my love for you grows because each day you give me more reasons to love you. Thank you for all that you are and all that you mean to me. For the thousandth time, but still as meaningful as the first, I love you. -Brad" When I read that, I teared up... He's so perfect, I could not ask for more.

I have no idea when I will spend time with him again, possibly tomorrow... maybe not until next week... We were spoiled for these 5 days and 4 nights. But whenever I get to spend time with him, it's amazing. He's always full of surprises, and I could never possibly get sick of him or being around him. He's gotta be "that something" Ive been looking for all my life. I've never felt so happy, and I've never felt so lost when he can't be around.

Those past few days/night have definately been the best time of my entire life thus far.

Until Next Time, L.
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