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I like it when you do dat right thurr, right thurr!

This past weekend was by far the best weekend I have had my entire life...

Brad picked me up on Friday around 5pm. We originally planned on staying at my house for alittle while to go swimming or something, but I just wanted to get outta Fulton and get to Da 'Cuse to spend some time with my man. We went to my mom's house so I could pick up afew things, and so my grandparents and mom could give Brad his Graduation cards. (Brad had no idea that my family had gotten him cards... I did, that's why I dragged him in the house with me. hehe!) He was surprised, he's so damn cute when you surprise him! Anyway, we hopped back in the car, and we decided to go out to eat. We went to the famous Pizza "Slut", and had (what's becoming) our usual. And just for the record, yes, we did use the salt and pepper shakers again to decide if we were getting stuffed crust or not. After dinner, it was time to head to the lovely city of Syracuse. Earlier in the week, we had talked about going to a movie, but honestly I don't think either of us really wanted to sit through a 1.5+ hour movie. So, we headed to Brad's (2nd) place of work, The MoST*. We saw Ryan there, and ended up talking to him for a whole 5 minutes. Brad and I decided to go see an IMAX movie called "Everst" (which is obviously about Mt. Everst). Pretty frickin' cool. It was only about 45 minutes long, but frickin' IMAX is so realistic, it literally made me cold! Brad said he was hot, but I was freezing. We went back to talk to Ryan for a sec, but he was talking to afew other people that him and Brad work with, so they all chatted for a second, then Brad and I hopped back into his car, and headed over to his house. When we got to Brad's house, I gave him the card from me, and the card and gift from my family. Again, he was surprised. I gave him the card from my family first, everyone signed it, including my grandpa and cousin. Someone even drew 2 little ants on the outside... how cute. hehe. Then he opened my card and smiled at me. I wrote him a little letter too, but I told him that he couldn't read it until Graduation. So, he put it back in the card and waited. There was also a gift in the bag, he looked at me, and I told him it wasn't from me.. (Since earlier, we had promised not to get eachother gifts...) My family bought him a picture frame for our prom picture. They really didn't know what to get for him, so I told them to get him a frame, since about 10 minutes before they asked, Brad was talking about having to get a frame for the picture. Hey, it worked. He liked it, and it was useful. The rest of the night was spent mostly on running over Brad's lines for the Graduation that would take place the next morning. Although, we spent quite a bit of time doing other things, like watching "funny stuff" on TV (Brad, you know what I'm talking about...), and cuddling. We finally fell asleep holding eachother around 2:15am. It was a wonderful start to what would be the best weekend ever...

Saturday morning, our alarm clocks (well, our alarm clocks on our cell phones) went off at 5:30am. The morning was spent working on Brad's "lines" again. He was really nervous that he would choke when he got up to the mic. So, we went over what he had to say about 20 times. I also taught him how to concentrate on afew things at one time, so when the time to stand up infront of numerous people and speak it wouldn't be as hard. That was alotta fun. After that, we took a shower, and got ready to goto Brad's Graduation. He wore a blue shirt, khaki's and black shoes. Oh my gosh, he was gorgeous... It's not often I'll be able to see him dressed casually. He hates it. But honestly, he looked so hot. *innocent smile* I wore kahki's, my white dressy-lookin' tank-top, and my white sneakers. After we were all dressed and ready, Brad's parents, Brad and I hopped into the car and headed to the Syracuse Civic Center. We stood outside around all the other Fowler students waiting for Ryan. Ryan had Brad's gown, so we had to find him. Eventually, Ryan showed up, and I snapped afew pictures of Brad with Ryan. Awh, they were both adorable. After awhile, Brad and Ryan went inside to get ready to line up and stuff. I stayed outside with Brad's family. Staying alone with them wasn't as bad as Brad and I originally imagined. We just talked about random things, and laughed. When Brad's aunts, bro, and cousin arrived we went inside and took a seat. The Graduation Ceremony was great... I took a ton of pictures on Brad's camera, since his has zoom. I was able to go up to the front of the auditorium to snap 2-4 pictures of Brad and Ryan getting their diploma's. Awh... Brad looked amazing, and did an awesome job with his lines. And just as I had been hoping and wishing for 2 weeks ago, I was cute cute lil proud girlfriend in the audiance. I am so glad things worked out like they did, I was able to be there. It meant the world to me, and plus some to him. After the ceremony we went outside to look for Brad. When we found him, he hugged his step dad, and they both got pretty emotional. I guess to fully understand you'd have to know how important school is to Brad. But, after he hugged his step dad, he came over and hugged me tight for afew minutes. It took alot to hold in tears, he was adorable, and I was (and am) so extremly proud of him. After that, he kissed me, and went to see the rest of his family. We took afew pictures of him and his family, and of course, a picture of him and I. I really can't wait to get these pictures developed. They'll be great. After the graduation ceremony, we went back to Brad's house to get changed. As adorable as we both looked all casually dressed and stuff, it wasn't exactly comfortable. Brad's brother, Brian, took us out to lunch. Isn't that sweet? After lunch, we headed back to Brad's house to chill a little before Brad's friend, Shannon's, graduation party. We cuddled and laid down for awhile, scary... it was only 1pm, and we were already exhausted. After awhile, we headed out to "The Valley" in Syracuse, to Shannon's graduation party. There really wasn't anyone at her party when we were there, mostly family, and afew friends. I guess everyone else wouldn't be coming til later, we ended up staying at her party til 5:30pm-ish. On the way back to Fulton, we stopped at Rite Aid so I could pick up a card for Smithers. We stopped by his house on the way to my house but he was out at another party. His mom told me that he just called, and he would be home soon. Matt came home and saw me... I gave him a hug and the card. We talked for a quick second, and I called up Tippy to give him directions to her party. We left Smither's house and headed towards Tippy's. I decided to call home to see if Hollie needed a ride or not. Of course, Hollie was out in the pool, and my dad said "well, just come over and ask her..." argh. So frickin' annoying, but we did. We came back to my house and asked Hollie if she needed a ride, and like I assumed, Hollie told us that Steve was picking her up around 10pm. So, no, she didn't need a ride. While I was outside talking to her, my dad came out and told me that Jeff was on the phone for me. I really didn't want to talk, but about 15-20 minutes later when I decided to go back in the house to use the bathroom, I realized the phone was still off the hook. I said "Hello?", and Jeff was STILL there. (Surprise Surprise...that guy has NO life). He said Hey, and then of course what I was afraid to hear came out... "Congratulations!"... I, again, had to fight back tears, and tell him how it was, and that I wont be graduating until January '04. I'm sure he felt like an ass, but honestly, as much as hearing "Congratulations" hurt... at least someone remembered me. We went back outside, and hopped in Brad's car, and headed over to Tippy's Graduation party. When we first got there, I didn't see any sign of teen's. It was all Tippy's family members, so I managed to find her mom and ask where she was. They were playing volleyball, so Brad and I went to find them. When we did, Dunn asked if we wanted to play. Brad joined Dunn's team, and I sat down in the grass. After 5-10 minutes of playing, everyone quit. Everyone left me sitting alone in the grass, except Brad of course. Brad and I walked over to a tree and sat down. I was upset. I came to this party, I was there for about 15-20 minutes now, and no one acknowledged that I was alive, let alone there. We sat there for another 15 minutes, and I became really pissed off. I decided to go tell Dunn that I was going to leave for awhile, and come back later that night. Brad and I left, and headed to Wendy's to get a bite to eat. For the third time in one day, I fought back tears. I was really upset. After we went to Wendy's we headed back to my house to chill for awhile. My parents were outside with friends of the family (Tim and Alice Allen... Yes, Tim Allen... go ahead, laugh it up...)... We stayed outside most of the time and talked to them, we also spent some time talking to the kids (Julie, Tim and Alice's Daughter... my sister and my cousin). I finally found Holl and asked her what time Steve was bringing her to the party, she told me that he was picking her up around 10pm, so Brad and I decided to wait for Steve, and follow them there. Brad showed my step mom, and family the Scrapbook his mom had made him for graduation. It's adorable, it has a million newspaper articles on the "Ants in Space" experiment, million's of awards given to him throughout his 13 years in school, and of course, many pictures. It's really cute. 10pm approached soon enough, and we went out to Brad's car to wait for Steve to show up. I asked Hollie who was camping out in Steve's tent, and she told me that it would be her, Steve, and Steve's brother, Josh. I told her that Brad and I would probably end up in their tent too, since everyone else was probably going to be wasted beyond belief. Steve finally showed up, so, we headed over to Hollie's house following Steve, so Hollie could get some jeans to wear. Of course, we spent about 10-15 minutes waiting for Hollie to find pants... Damn that child... It was dark.. Honestly, who cares about her pants!?! lol. Steve came over to Brad's car and gave me a hug. He also asked me earlier that night if I was at the ceremony because he didn't remember hearing my name. I hugged Steve back... He remembered me... Wow. Soon enough, Hollie came out, and hopped back into Steve's car with Steve and Josh... They said they'd see us in about 10 minutes, and we headed to the parrrrrrrr-tay. When we got to the party, I told Brad that I still wasn't positive if we were going to drink or not. Because, I wanted to be able to get home if I ended up getting pissed off again. We got our stuff outta the car and brought it into Steve's tent. We automatically claimed the left front corner of the tent (we found out later was a bad choice). We went out, I said hi to Dunn so he knew I was back, then we walked around and talked to people alittle bit. I still wasn't sure about staying so me and Brad decided not to drink. Eventually, I decided that if I got pissed off, I would just go into the tent and goto sleep. I asked Brad if he wanted a drink, and then I went up to get them. Cory was getting a drink, and asked if I wanted a Bacardi... I have never had it, but I decided to try it anyway. I grabbed Brad a Labatt's and took my Bacardi. We sat down and drank while talking to everyone. It was pretty fun at this point. Everyone was drinking and for-the-most-part sober. Soon enough, a couple drinks later, people started getting wasted. Bobbie-Jo was the first to vommit. She then got carried to her tent where she kept spitting up, and crying for hours. Brad and I sat down on the stairs and watched Josh and Steve play Beer-Pong with Cory and Megan. Tippy eventually was the next one wasted, although she didn't have a pile of "yuck" on the ground to prove it. She just got extremely ditzy. Next was Hollie, she ended up losing her alcohol in Tippy's toilet. At least she made it there, which is more than I can say for quite afew of the people at the party. Next was Steve and Josh, who at this time were singing to every song that was played, or dancing on chairs and tables. (They continued doing this until about 5am...). Next to go was Tyson, who first took Tippy's Step Dad's bike, and decided to ride it in the road. Not a good idea, he almost got hit, and ended up falling off of it and scraping up his knees. This pissed everyone off, so people tried to get him to bed. He eventually came over to the tent that Bobbie-Jo was in, handed Brad his beer and laid down. Tippy came over and started talking to him, and he was just completely outta it, saying that he "didn't steal the bike, he borrowed it... because he brought it back". Brad walked over and dumped his beer. Tyson wasn't too happy about that, but hey, he definately didn't need anymore. Slowly, people kept dropping like flies. Or should I say, stumbling... Anyway, Brad ended up having 3 Labatt's, and I had 2.5 wine coolars, a Bacardi, and a Smirnoff.
Around 1:30am Brad and I decided it was time for us to go lay down in the tent, and hopefully pass out. Brad had a very eventful day, so he was dozing off within afew minutes, but the music was way too loud for me, I ended up laying there until about 3:30am when they FINALLY turned off the music. Throughout the time between 1:30-3:30am, MANY people came into the tent to check on Brad and I. Most of the people there were so wasted, that they were worried that someone would end up dying... So, everytime people came into the tent I'd hear "awwh, they're sooo cute!" or "AWHHHH!!!! They're cuddling!". As I was laying down watching Brad sleep and being completely annoyed with the music, I saw this dumb little mosquito landing on Brad's face. I didn't wanna slap Brad in the face... lol. So everytime the mosquito would land, I would try to squish it with my thumb... But unfortunately this little bug wasn't stupid, he kept flying before I could squish him, and 5 seconds later, he would land back on Brad's face... I was getting pissed off I didnt want my baby to get bit on his face, so I sat up and waited for the mosquito to land again, when he did, I went to smush him, and he flew, so I quickly snapped both of my hands together and squished that dumbass bug. Stupid 'squito, no one bites my baby, 'cept me! *giggles* Jerrod, Hollie, and Steve came into the tent around 4am-5am, and were talking. I woke up, and heard them talking about the song "Right Thurr" By Chingy. Hollie started singing the "chorus" part, that goes "I like the way you do dat right thurr, right thurr..." and Steve said "it's not "thurr" it's "durr""... Jerrod argued on Holl's side, and said, "no, it's thurr". They ended up arguing over this for about 20 minutes, when Steve was finally like "Hey Brad, You're from Syracuse, is it "right thurr" or "right durr"... Brad woke up outta mid-dream, and just said "Dude, shut the fuck up and goto sleep". Many of you will be like "yea so what"... But we all laughed. It was hilarious... You definately had to be there. After that things began to die down... People went to sleep and it got quiet. I ended up falling asleep, but shortly after, I woke up and I was freezing. I got up, put on pants and my hoodie and laid back down. Finally, I was out for the night... errr... I mean, morning.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, I felt Brad get up, and people talking in the tent. After I realized that it was just Jerrod, Steve, Brad and Hollie. I closed my eyes and dozed off again. I didn't sleep much longer, because I realized that it was about 90 degrees outside, and I was curled up in a blanket, with shorts, sweatpants, a t-shirt and a hoodie on, sooo I got up too. It was around 7:30am. Brad and I went into the house where most people were. We sat there for a total 5-10 minutes and decided that we were going to come home and crash until noon. We packed up our stuff, and hopped into the car, and left. We came back to my house, I grabbed a ton of blankets, and made Brad and I a small little "bed" on my livingroom floor. We laid there, for a second and talked, and quickly passed out and went to Dreamland. Around 11:50am, I woke up because the TV was too loud, I woke up Brad and asked him if he wanted to get up or sleep longer, and he said he wanted to sleep alittle longer, so I set my alarm clock for 1pm. I laid back down, and immediately passed out. Brad ended up waking me up again at 12:55am, and said he'd have to go soon. So we got up and Brad called Ryan to find out if he was going to Adam's party, and if he was giving him a ride. I started picking up the blankets, and Brad was a sweetheart and ran outside to his car to carry in my stuff. Isn't he great? We then sat on my couch for a couple more minutes, until it was time for Brad to go. We went outside after a good 45 hours together and were forced to say "bye". *sniffle* It was super hard. It took a good 15 minutes until we were able to let go of eachother. I slowly walked back into the house, and Brad got in his car, and drove away. Really tough, but it had to be done. I missed him before I even shut the door behind me...

Brad, I'm so proud of you. Everything you are and everything you have done in the past is completely amazing. Friday night was amazing... and Saturday was completely undescribleable. Holding you after graduation felt amazing. You truly deserve everything that you've gotten. The awards, the congrats, the hugs and kisses, all of it, you have earned. Anything that makes you happy you deserve to have... and you're so strong-willed that you're willing to work to get what you want, unlikes some "yuppies" (*giggle* had to say it) that get everything handed to them. Thank you for watching out for me, and taking care of me last night. Everyday I spend with you, as your girlfriend, I learn alittle more about you, which makes me fall even more completely in love with you. I can't wait until we can spend every day/night together. 2 years, phew.. I'm starting to countdown now... Hopefully, time will fly by, and it'll happen in like no-time.. You're my everything, and I wouldn't trade my life with you for anything in the entire world. I can't wait to get my pictures developed... Of course, they're going to my "shrine dedicated to the best boyfriend ever" on my wall. You're so amazing, and I love you more and more as each and every second passes.

So here I am, a million memories, a thousand empty beer bottles, a hundred friends, and 2 amazing nights, and one "dream come true" later... And all I have to say is this... This weekend truly was great. I thought that the party was gonna turn out as a disaster, but it really didn't bother me as much as it usually does. I was able to drink, which is something I haven't really done in about a year and a month. It was fun. Like I said, being able to goto Brad's Graduation meant the world to me... and plus some to him. I love him so much, being there was amazing. Thanks to all the people at the party, who made it fun... Brad, Steve, Josh, Hollie, Jerrod, Cory, Bobbie-Jo, Tippy and Dunn. Although some of you (actually, most of you) were to wasted to even remember it... It was great.

Oh and by the way, just for the record... Steve, It's "thurr"... *wink*
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