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Time is standing still...

Alright, obviously my last entry pissed afew people off. First off, I just wanna point out that the people that took offense to this entry were not the ones it was directed towards. So, No, I'm not sorry. Especially since you three are complete asses when you're drunk. As far as me judging people who drink? I don't think so. I have never judged anyone because they drink... I believe that I have known that one of you three have drank since I met you. Has that stopped me from getting to know you? I don't think so. I've talked to you for years. As number two, I am definately shocked. I'm not saying I couldn't picture you drinking, but getting wasted? I dunno, definately didn't expect that from you, but, again... did I stop talking to you? Nope. Did I judge you? Nope, I don't believe so. And number 3, I heard you got into drinking and getting high, alright, yeah, I haven't talked to you lately, but that wasn't the reason. We haven't talked in like, a year. It has nothing to do with that. We just stopped talking for no reason what-so-ever. All three of you have changed recently. I dunno what's up, but whatever. The entry wasn't written to offend ANY of you three, OR any who drinks or smokes for that matter... Honestly, I don't care what the fuck anyone does as long as they aren't trying to get me to do it too. The entry was directed to a certian person who promised me he wouldn't act like "friends" around here, and he did. He knows who he is, and the problem is over and solved now. None of this had anything to do with people who drink... It had EVERYTHING to do with how people act when they're drunk... Go figure. (Oh- and thanks for the voice mail, since it proved my point...)

Anyway, my parents had the meeting with the school people yesterday. Since lovely G. Ray Bodley High School fucked me over, I am missing two required courses for Graduation. Therefore, I will not be graduating until January of 2004. What a bunch of bullshit. Because of this, I have choosen to attend Brad's Graduation Ceremony on June 28th, instead of mine, that I wouldn't be in anyway. I just wanna take a second to say congrats to all of you who didn't get fucked over. I am sorry I wont be there to see you all walk across the stage, I hope you understand. It would be far too painful for me to sit through that. There are a few of you who honestly I don't give a shit about anymore, but some of you have became so close to me, that I feel like I am betraying you by not being there. Please understand. As far as graduation parties, I will be there. And, as far as mine, I might have mine in January. Who knows.

I guess that's all the updating I have for now.
Holla, L.
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