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I dream about you all the time...

I remember giving a speech to a friend about a month ago, telling him that before he left High School he should tell a certian girl how he felt about her. Call me a hypocrite, because I realized today that there are many things that I have left unsaid. Things that I honestly think should come out. Whether the people read them or not, I wont know... Maybe it's better that way, because I can tell you now, some of these "things" will make some of you cry, and other, it might make you want to kill me. This entry will be VERY lengthy... So for that, I apologize... These are the things I never got to say...


David "DJ" Alliger - What can I say? You've been one of my closest and truest friends this entire year. You've definately become a "little brother figure" in my life, and you mean a lot more to me than I think you realize. I'll admit that you've pissed me off quite a bit, sometimes probably without knowing it, but I guess that's what "lil bro's" are for, right? Haha. You've always taken the time to listen to me when I've needed someone to talk to, and have always trusted me enough to come to me when you needed to talk. You're the youngest person at GRB that I can stand. You don't act like an immature little ditz, maybe that's why you're so easy to get along with. I'm always gonna be here if you need someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on. You're my "lil bro", and I'd be lost without ya. What else is there to say, I love ya!

*Sarah Heppell* - Wow, it's been forever! I believe, we became friends somewhere between 2nd and 4th grade. You're such a clown. You've always made me laugh. I'll never forget "LIMPY" and our Earth Science class Freshmen year. Wow, those were the days. Don't EVER change. You have the best personality, ever. I'll always be here for you when you need someone to talk to. Thanks for all the great memories.

*Joe Keller* - You were a smooth one. I remember 8th grade, when you snuck up to the front of the room in French class, and passed me a note to tell me you thought I was beautiful. I'll never forget that, or the time when you called me a "belle papillon" (beautiful butterfly). We've been through alot, and I just wanna say thank you for always being there for me. It's meant alot.

*Vaclav "Jerry" Kratky* - What can I say? I'm friends with an "import". Don't forget us when you go back to the Czech Republic. And I'm sorry if any of the "American Males" currupted you. lol, especially Eric.

*Eric Merkley* - We used to be close, but High School kinda tore us apart. I'm glad that I was able to make up for lost time on the Senior Trip. Being your rollercoaster buddy was a blast. And I'm sorry that I was "snoring" in your ear on the way home... I was sleepy. Stay Sweet, and never change.

*Tiffany "Tippy" Pollard* - My partner in crime! You're my sis the God forgot to give me. I'm always going to be there for you. We've definately had our share of up's and downs, but you'll always be my girly. I'll never forget our memories, especially the times we had away from everyone at home. (Quebec Trip and the Senior Trip!). Prom and After-Prom was a blast, I am so glad that everything turned out the way it did. I love ya, You're my sis for life!

*Becky Prevost* - We've been friends for two years now, I really dunno what to say. We've had some up's and down's too. There are times when I trusted you with my life, and others when I thought you were a complete bitch. Especially with the thing with George. You've still been mad cool overall though, keep that g-string in your pants!

*Tiffany Recore* - I've known you since 3rd grade when you were my violin stand partner. We've come along way. I trusted you with something I THOUGHT you had the common sense to keep to yourself, obviously not. You've also been a bitch on and off to me for the past 2 years, so I dunno. But just like Becky, overall, you've been alright. Good Luck.

*Jon Smith* - I really havent had the chance to get to know you too well, but from what I know, you're a really nice guy. Prom with you around was a blast, and I'll never forget the pixie stix and pepsi. Stay Sweet.

*Matt Smithers* - I never really had the chance to get to know you until the Senior Trip. Now I realize what I have been missing out on the past 4 years. You are the sweetest guy there is. I've known you for less than a month, and I'd already trust you with my life. You're so true, and trustworthy. I really hope we continue to get to know eachother better, and become much closer than we already are. Lay off those pixie stix, and the Pepsi... Good Times, Great Memories, and hopefully so many more to come! Luv Ya!

Matt Spano - Best Buds since "Wuzzzzzzzzzzupppp?!!!" haha. I think I have summed up all I needed to say in the page in your yearbook. So, I'm not gonna write the novel here... But I'm ALWAYS going to be here, and you know I luv ya.

*Steve Spaulding* - *MEOW!* I am so proud of you. You're definately still part of my family. We have so many memories, and you know that if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I am here. I luv ya!

Amy Grant - Oh How The Years Go By

In our times of trouble
We only had ourselves
Nobody else
No one there to save us
We had to save ourselves

And when the storms came through
They found me and you
Back to back together
And when the sun would shine
It was yours and mine
Yours and mine forever

And oh how the years go by
And oh how the love brings tears to my eyes
All through the changes
The soul never dies
We fight, we laugh, we cry
As the years go by

There were times we stumbled
They thought they had us down
We came around yeah
How we rode and rambled
We got lost, we got found
Now we're back on solid ground, yeah
We took everything
All our times would bring
In this world of dangers
Cause when your heart is strong
You know you're not alone
In this world of strangers

And oh how the years go by
And oh how the love brings tears to my eyes
All through the changes
The soul never dies
We fight, we laugh, we cry
As the years go by

And if we loose our way
Any night or day
Well we'll always be
Where we should be
I'm there for you
And I know you're there for me

And oh how the years go by
And oh how the love brings tears to my eyes
All through the changes
The soul never dies
We fight, we laugh, we cry
As the years go by

Love You All, Always
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