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Foh Shizzle... Fuckizzle.

I'm definately running alittle behind on journal updating, so... just a warning, this will be, again, quite lengthy.
Thursday, My grandparents and I drove up to Syracuse, both for different reasons, they were dropping me off to see muh man, while they went to see my mom at the hospital. Yea, I know it sounds super low of me, but, I hate hospitals, and my mom knows it, and understands it. So, we're headed to Syracuse and my grandpa is driving 10 miles below the speed limit, while everyone else is driving 10-15 above, I thought I was going to die. Luckily, I made it there alive... Most of the day was spent cuddling, like usual. Of course, 2 hours of my time was wasted on someone. Just for the record, I wanted to give up, HE was the one that said he wasn't trying before, and wanted to try this time. Of course, I was stupid, and believed him that the bullshit was over. Anyways, after I wasted two hours on him, I crawled back into bed with Brad and again, more cuddling. Around 8:30pm, Brad and I went over to Cap's Cue Club to play some pool. I really hate the big pool tables. I like the small ones. I sucked pretty bad, except for afew minutes towards the end. Brad is usually really good, of course, he was still alot better than me, but he wasn't playing his best Thursday night either... I'm tellin' ya, it's those damn big tables. haha. We left Cap's around 10:30pm, and headed back to Fulton. We were planning on grabbing something to eat, and renting 8-Mile, but by the time we got back, the video store was closed. We headed back to my house, cuddled, and fell asleep holding eachother. We woke up pretty early, because my grandparents were getting things in the house situated for my mom to come home from the hospital at 2pm. We decided to go over to the video store, and rent 8-Mile so Brad could watch it (he hadn't seen it yet) before he went to work. (You all know me, I've seen it about 80 times... haha. We watched 8-Mile, I think Brad thought it was decent. He's not really a huge Eminem fan though. After 8-Mile, it was time for Brad to head home, because he had to be home by 2pm, to get ready for work and stuff. We kissed a few times, and then he headed back to Syracuse. While leaving Fulton, my man recieved his first speeding ticket... Something he really didn't need, because college is already costing him and arm and a leg (maybe even 2)... He said that the cop was really nice though, and that he told him he could probably get the ticket reduced. His court date is July 31, in Fulton. I love you baby, even though you are such a bad bad bad boy... *wink*

Sunday, Brad called me up during his break at The MoST* like usual. He was telling me that him and Ryan might do something after work, but they didn't know what they wanted to do. I jokingly said "ask him if he wants to bring you out to see me...". Before I knew it, joking around turned into complete seriousness. Brad asked Ryan, if he wanted to do something with Brad, Hollie and I, and Ryan was all up for it. So after work, Brad and Ryan headed out to Fulton, and left all the plan-making up to me. We all mentioned going to a movie, but the guys wanted to see "The Hulk" and it wasn't playing anywhere, so I figured on another movie, but then we all realized we were broke. I called Hollie to see if she had money, and to let her know that the guys had already left Syracuse, and she was no place to be found. I mean, this always happens... ANYTIME I make plans, no matter how big or small it may be, everything blows up in my face, people end up M.I.A. I've always said that I wanted to plan my wedding, I didn't want much help, I wanted everything to be planned and designed by me. After my past planning experiences, I'm starting to think about hiring a wedding planner. Anyway, Brad and Ryan finally arrived, and I asked them if they just wanted to rent movies instead, they both agreed. But, we still couldn't find Hollie. After 30-45 minutes, I got ahold of her, and we went over to pick her up, and then over to Video One to rent movies. Never ever, rent movies with males. haha. We ended up with Terminator 2 (because Hollie hadn't seen it yet), Pumpkinhead, and Knockaround Guys. We ended up watching Terminator 2 first, because Hollie wanted to watch it before she had to go back home. After we brought Holl home, Ryan, Brad and I decided to watch Pumpkinhead, but when we put it in, it was all static. Grrr. So, I put in Knockaround Guys... I really wanted to see it, because it's the only Vin Diesel movie I haven't seen yet, but I fell asleep. I felt Ryan get up and crawl on the couch while the movie was playing. Then I heard Brad turn the TV off, and I woke up. We talked for afew minutes, kissed eachother goodnight, then fell asleep. We woke up pretty early on Monday morning, because I had to be to school by 6:45am, and Ryan had to get up and headed back out to Syracuse to drop Brad off at home, and still have time to get ready and be to work by 8am. Ryan gave Brad the keys to his car, so he could bring me over to school. I kissed Brad "bye", so he could head back to my house to get Ryan, so they could go back to Syracuse.

Monday, I found out that Ed is in a coma. I really can't explain how I felt when I heard that. I never thought that knowing one of my online friends was hurt would impact me that much. I hope this makes him realize what drinking can do, *sigh*. I honestly tried to warn him... I knew something was going to happen. It makes me feel even worse, since he called my cell, and left a voice mail the other day that said "you should call me back", and I couldn't. Now, I can't talk to him, for god knows how long. I miss checking my voice mail and hearing him... when he actually does leave me a message.. or when his cell is in his pocket, and he calls by mistake. I don't even have any messages saved from him. (They delete after 10 days). I was cleaning my room on Tuesday, and ran into a picture I had printed out along time ago of Ed and "Wood". I thought I was going to completely break down in tears, but I managed to hold them in. The picture is now on top of my fish tank... *sigh*... Ed, as much as I wanna bitch about alcohol right now, I wont... just please get better hun, I miss ya, I luv ya, and I'm thinking about you.

Tuesday, Yesterday, was Brad's only day off this week. Of course, my step mom laid on the guilt trip again, and I just decided that it would be best if Brad came to see me, and we hung out at my house. Brad arrived at my house around 1pm. We cuddled for afew minutes, before I started working on my bedroom alittle bit more. My little sister asked Brad is he would play some Nintendo64 with her. Seeing them play was adorable, I can't wait til I can start my own family. And hopefully, it will be with him, and hopefully, instead of playing Nintendo64 with his sister-in-law, it will be one of our children. I wasn't planning on asking if Brad could spend the night, but I decided to go for it, I called up my step mom and asked her... her reply "I really don't care". Hmm, that worked for me. Haha. The rest of the night was spent together, cleaning, playing, talking, cuddling... etc. We headed out around 9:30pm to go shopping. haha. We ended up stopping at the lovely Big K. Brad saw a familiar face, so, we got what we needed and left. We headed over to get a bite to eat while we're out, since my family decided to have hotdogs and mac and cheese for dinner, at 10pm. Haha. We got back to my house, headed into my room and got changed for bed. Brad hadn't seen "Mr. Deeds" yet. So, we set a TV reminder, and watched it when it came on. I started dozing off towards the end, seems like I do that alot when we watch movies at home.. Haha, I'm sorry, I am just so damn comfortable around him, and we always watch movies late, when I have to get up early. Brad woke me up so I could crawl up to my spot on the bed, and goto sleep. I felt him curl up next to me and wrap his arm around me. It really means alot when he does that... It's like.. kisses on the cheek or forehead. He WANTS to do it... you know what I mean? It's like if I say "cuddle with me", he'll do it... If I pucker my lips, he'll kiss them... I know he doesn't mind doing either, but when he kisses my forehead or cheek... or wraps his arms around me without me having to ask him to, its just alittle sign that he cares... He'll willingly do these things. He WANTS to do them. It really does mean alot. Anyway, I quickly fell back asleep, and I am sure Brad wasn't far behind me. At 3am his celly went off. We wanted alittle time to talk before I had to get up for school and he had to leave. We cuddled and talked for about 30 minutes, but I couldn't manage to stay awake much longer... So, we set our alarms for 6:00am. Of course, they went of at 6am, and we hopped up to get ready. Brad drove me over to school, and we sat and talked a little bit before the cheesebox came. We kissed, and I hopped outta the car. I miss him already. But that's okay, He has a "work-party" type thing, sorta.. kinda.. on Sunday. Hehe. Sky Chief's Baseball game! woop! woop! I haven't been to a baseball game in FOREVER! I'm all excited... I love you baby, you truly are my miracle.

Hmm, current events. Sunday is the Sky Chief's baseball game, like I said... wooo, I'm excited. I get to see my baby, *giggles* TWICE this week. *gasp*... I guess the plans are this: Step mom is bringing me and the children to The MoST* where Brad will be working... I chill there for the day, and stay when my step mom, sister, and cousins leave... Then when Brad gets outta work, we'll probably head back to his house, so he can get changed, then head to the Sky Chief's game. Woop Woop! Excited, much... Yeah, I am! I haven't gone to a baseball game in forever, and I am slowly getting Brad more interested in sports. First Basketball, baseball was his idea, and hopefully football this coming up fall... ooohhh, Laura loves football. Anyway, I'm hoping to convince the 'rentals to let him stay Sunday night too, if he wants too. I've also been thinking a lot about the k-rock-athon. I realllllllllllllllly wanna see Evanescence... But I didn't wanna go, and interfer with Brad and Ryan, on their "boys night out", I guess you could say. Now, Bobbie-Jo said she is going, and she doesn't wanna be all alone, so I'm thinking about it. I guess it's going to be an interesting experience for me. I've also been working on my ghetto slang. Chason has been educating me on what the "izzles" mean.... I think I'm finally getting it...

On that note, "be rizzle, im bout to handle ma bizzle"...


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